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The Board of Commissioners are responsible for appointing members to various Boards and Authorities.

It is vital to the operations of Fayette County departments, offices and agencies that Boards and Authorities have members that are mindful of their duties, responsibilities and role.
Independent thinking members serve the residents of Fayette County best.
As a resident of Fayette County, you are urged to offer your services on a volunteer basis to these Boards and Authorities.
The terms of the Boards and Authorities vary.
Please watch for information in the local newspapers, local media coverage of the Commissioners Meetings and listings to this website to learn when vacancies occur on a particular Board or Authority.
For the most part, the terms for the Boards expire on December 31 and the terms for the Authorities expire the first Monday of January, however, because some terms are staggered there may be a vacancy on a particular Board or Authority within a given year.
For information about the Boards and Authorities, please contact the Commissioners Office (reception area) at 724-430-1200 ext 201.
For a listing of the current members see Members of Boards and Authorities.