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Act 13
Fayette County

 Act 13 of 2012 provides for the imposition of an unconventional gas well fee (also called a drilling impact fee), and the expenditure of the funds generated by that impact fee to local, county, and state government purposes specifically outlined in the law. Under the law, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PA PUC) administers the collection and disbursement of the fees.

Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) Act 13 Requirements:
"Unconventional Gas Well Fund Usage Reports" are being submitted as required by PA PUC Act 13, Section 2314(h)(2), which states: "(2) All counties and municipalities receiving funds from the fund under this section shall submit information to the commission on a form prepared by the commission that sets forth the amount and use of the funds received in the prior calendar year. The form shall set forth that the funds received were committed to a specific project or use as authorized in this section. The reports shall be published annually on the county or municipality's publicly accessible Internet website."

Interactive Impact Fee Website: The interactive website allows users to better examine information related to the collection and distribution of the state’s unconventional gas well Impact Fee. The website includes graphical data analysis including the top paying producers, well count breakdowns and top collecting counties and local governments. A user's guide is also is available.

Use of Unconventional Gas Well Funds Reporting:
Calendar Year Reporting is for the prior calendar year that is applicable to funds received from Unconventional Gas Well Fees.