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Fayette County Courthouse
Clerk of Courts
Fayette County Courthouse
61 East Main Street
Uniontown, PA 15401
Telephone: 724-430-1253
         Fax: 724-438-8410 
Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Closed from 12:00 - 1:00
Collections Department
Monday through Friday
8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Open through Lunch 
Mission Statement
The Clerk of Courts is elected by the people to serve the citizens and the courts of Fayette County by keeping up-to-date and accurate information and by maintaining the security and integrity of all criminal records entrusted to the Clerk of Courts Office.  The Clerk signs and affixes the Seal of the Courts to all documents, administers oaths and affirmations and assumes custody of the seal and records of the Court.  The Clerk certifies and distributes orders of the Court.
Recognizing the Clerk of Courts Office as a vital and integral part of the criminal justice system, we are dedicated to provide prompt, courteous and professional service in the most efficient and cost effective manner to all.  All records, with the exception of records involving juveniles or child victims are open for public inspection.  The Clerk of Courts staff are trained professionals; however, they are prohibited from giving any legal advice.
The Clerk of Courts is an independent public official, established by the Pennsylvania Constitution, with duties and responsibilities that are set forth in the laws of the Commonwealth.  County Court of Common Pleas operations in Pennsylvania involve complex work processes and specialized expertise.  A highly dedicated, trained staff is essential in order to initiate, process, coordinate, maintain and archive all the data and documents associated with each case and have them available to the various agencies on a time sensitive basis.  The Clerk of Courts utilizes case information to make critical decisions concerning incarceration of defendant, drivers license suspensions and financial penalties.  

Criminal Matters Filed
Record all criminal filings, including verdicts and sentences
Seating a jury for service
Taking a verdict after trial
Pre-Trial Motions
Discoverable material
Waiver and Entry of Appearance
Court Orders for all criminal matters
Petition for Expungement of criminal cases
Petition for Reduction of Bail
Reporting disposition of criminal cases to state agencies
Preparing court commitments for state institutions after disposition
Processing appeals to state appellate courts
Assessment, collection and distribution of fines, costs and restitution
License Suspension/Restoration
Criminal Court Collections
Payments can be made through the mail, or in person at our office or on-line.
For on-line payments, please thoroughly read and complete the On-Line Form using ePay.
Methods of payments are cash, money order, certified check, personal check or credit/debit card.  A photo ID is required.
If paying by mail, this office accepts a money order, certified check or personal check. Please DO NOT send cash. 

Miscellaneous Matters Filed

Recording and maintenance of juvenile records
Private Detective Applications and License Issuance
Constable Applications/Appointments
Maintenance of Road Dockets
Liquor Control Board Appeals
Petition for Forfeiture of Condemnation
Petition for Return of Property
Appeals of Summary Convictions from traffic and non-traffic violations
Request for criminal background checks
Processing bail
Protection from Abuse contempts
Filing of Waiver of Extraditions
Recording of tax collector bonds and reports
Clerk of Courts offers Downloadable Forms
To view a criminal case click here
Sharon I. Crissman, Chief Deputy
Kim Lint, Assistant Deputy
Dianne Zerega, Solicitor
Anita Ciliberti
Margie Sumey
Sharon Washko
Madelyn Nemeth
Melissa Sanders
Carla Bailey
Megan Mick, Collections Coordinator
Susan Hixon