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The Office of Fayette County Controller was established in 1911.

The first controller was Harry Kisinger, who was appointed to the
position and began serving on February 22, 1911. The first election
for the position was held in the fall of that year, and Mr. Kisinger
was elected to serve for a term of four years. He was re-elected
in 1915 and served another four years.
The earliest Annual Controller’s Report still in existence is the fourth,
published in 1915.
Fayette County’s revenues and expenditures that year totaled $782,173.10.

Previous Controllers of Fayette County

Scott T. Abraham 2015-
Sean Lally 2009-2014
Mark Roberts 2000-2008
Gerald W. Bukovitz 1996-1999
Harry J. Fike 1988-1995
Edward T. Zimmerman 1972-1987
James E. Raymond 1968-1971
Paul Thomas, Jr. 1960-1967
W. A. Reed 1956-1959
John R. Hoye 1948-1955
Rebecca McDowell 1944-1947
Albert Montgomery 1936-1943
Earl Huston 1932-1935
Alex R. Duncan 1928-1931
Earl Huston 1920-1927
Harry Kisinger 1911-1919