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The index for most documents from

1975 to present is a free search.

The images for most documents from

1975 to present are a pay-per access  service.

Please Click Here for the link .


Online Archive Viewer

Indexes for 1950 to 1974 for the Deeds and Mortgages and the

 Plan Index from 1791 to 1988  are now available.

The images are of the indexes that you use in the Recorder's office.

 This is a free index search.

 Document images are not available for these Indexes online. 

 Go to to use the

Online Archive Viewer.  




The staff of the Fayette County Recorder of Deeds Office are Recorders only, and are only responsible to the extent to recording, reproducing, and indexing recordable papers. While we will assist you in anyway we can, we cannot give you legal advice of any kind.  You will, therefore, find us referring you to people who are qualified and certified in their particular profession. However, we are available to help get you started in your search and answer general questions you may have.

Please understand that we here at the Fayette County Recorder of Deeds office are not title searchers, and we are not permitted, nor qualified, to make property searches; nor could we certify to such a search. We can help you find the present owner and if there is a mortgage on record. If you desire to perform a search on your own, we do caution you against errors and omissions.

If your search includes any legal questions, you should contact your attorney for the answer, and possibly request him/her to make a search.  We are not attorneys, and are not qualified to interpret recordings for you, or to answer any questions of a legal nature.  If you need a legal answer, then by all means seek out and consult your attorney.

If you are trying to establish boundary lines for your property, you may need the service of a surveyor. He/she would look up the necessary records and information for your survey.  You may also want a drawing of your property. We can help you check to see if there is one on record.  We are not surveyors, and are not qualified to plot deed descriptions.

The persons employed in the Recorder of Deeds Office each have his/her own job to do.   This leaves little time to help everyone with a problem involving a search of our records.   Our primary responsibility is to keep our recordings and indexing current in order to have these records service the needs of the users and to keep them on an up-to-date basis.  This responsibility alone requires the time of mostly all of our employees.

If you need a listing for attorneys , surveyors , or title searchers  we suggest you start by using the links listed above or the yellow pages.