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Zoning and Planning
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The Fayette County Planning & Zoning Office administers the zoning and
planning for 31 of the 42 municipalities in Fayette County.
The 11 municipalities that are not administered by this county office but instead administer they own zoning and planning issues are:  the cities of Uniontown and Connellsville, the boroughs of Perryopolis and Ohiopyle and the townships of Connellsville Township, Henry Clay, Menallen, Stewart, South Union, Washington and Wharton. 
Fayette County and these 11 municipalities having zoning and land use plans must comply with
PA laws when enacting ordinances and are governed by the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code
The Zoning Department consists of the Chief of Zoning, Zoning Enforcement
Officers and County Solicitors who work together to make sure that all County Zoning Ordinances are being followed.
Some of the duties of the Chief of Zoning included:
  • making the final decisions on zoning 
  • review permits for new construction and exterior renovations
  • review use permit applications
  • conduct Zoning Hearing Board reviews 
  • consults with and assists the UCC Administrator 
Some of the duties of the Zoning Enforcement Officers include:
  • investigate zoning and construction complaints 
  • answer questions concerning zoning and construction 
  • file charges when zoning violations occur
  • assist the UCC Administrator on illegal construction 
Adopted Ordinances & Plans 
Use Chart of Permitted Uses & Uses by Special Exception 
Amendment to Zoning Ordinance (ZA 06-2) effective 1-1-09
Amendment to Zoning Ordinance (ZA 08-1) effective 3-1-08
Amendment to Zoning Ordinance (ZA 08-2) effective 2-1-09
Amendment to Zoning Ordinance (ZA 08-3) effective 1-29-09
Amendment to Zoning Ordinance (ZA 09-3) effective 4-23-09
Amendment to Zoning Ordinance (ZA 09-04) 7-23-09
Amendment to Zoning Ordinance ZA 09-02
DRAFT Amendment to Zoning Ordinance ZA-09-1

Amendment to Zoning Ordinance (ZA 10-2) effective 1-27-11

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