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Procedure for Collecting Delinquent Taxes
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Real estate tax notices are mailed out by each municipal tax collector. If the taxes are not paid by December 31st (of the year the taxes became due and payable), each local tax collector returns all unpaid taxes to the Tax Claim Bureau for collection.
The Bureau mails out a Notice of Return & Claim to notify each property owner with delinquent taxes that a claim has been entered against the property.
These notices are generally mailed in the Spring of the year after the tax was due. The tax claim becomes absolute if it is not paid by December 31 of the year it was returned to the Tax Claim Bureau.
In May or June (of the 2nd year after the original bill was issued by the local tax collector), the property owner will receive notice that the property will be advertised, posted and sold with the sale to be scheduled on or after the 2nd Monday of September, but before October 1. If the tax due is not paid by July 1, the property is advertised for sale and posted by the County Sheriff.
The Upset Sale (sale of the property) is held in September of the 2nd year following the initial billing from the tax collector. If the properties are not sold at the Upset Sale, the property is then listed to be sold at a Judicial Sale.
The last opportunity for the taxpayer to pay the taxes due and avoid sale would be prior to the Upset Sale.